Study in Taiwan

Study in Taiwan


More and more people are seeing the benefits of studying Chinese and is considering the option to learn Chinese in Taiwan. There are 60 Mandarin Chinese Language Centers affiliated with a university in Taiwan which offer a wide range of Chinese courses year-round to suit all ages, interests and study aims. 

Why Taiwan? 
1) Taiwan is home to numerous high-level institutions that offer classes to non-native speakers. 

2) Taiwan is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country, rich in history and culture with amazing landscape and beautiful people! Furthermore, with its foreigner friendly attitude, offers many chances to practice the language with locals as English is not that common, especially out of Taipei! 

3) Taiwan is also one of the best places if you want to study Chinese on a budget. Besides the low tuition fee, the country is also cheap in itself. The cost of living is quite reasonable!

4) Weather in Taiwan is quite comfortable, but it changes from location to location, Taipei, for example, is known because of the rain, meanwhile Taichung has only few days of rain during the year. Tainan and Kaohsiung can be very hot in the summer but they are on the sea and wintertime is very mild and pleasant.

5) Visa is not that difficult to get​ and for short term courses you might not even need one! 
Type of student's Visa
- Resident Visa For Studying (Master Degree / Doctoral Degree)
- Resident Visa For Studying (Bachelor Degree)
- Visitor Visa For Studying Chinese

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Choosing the right School

You must apply in advance in order to get your student Visa, but how to chose the right school? 

With a wide range of language schools in Taiwan, it might be difficoult to select the one for you. 
There are several factors to consider: location, goals, time available, size of the classes, quality of the school and the teachers, cost, personality, time you want to spend studying, enviroment and many more... 
We can introduce you the institutes we have visited and we work with, share other students'experiences and help you with the registration process. 




► Hsinchu:  National Chiao Tung University 

► Hsinchu:  Chung Hua University

► Hsinchu: National Tsing Hua University

► Hsinchu:  Minghsin University of Science and Technology

► Keelung: Chinese Language Center - National Taiwan ocean University 

► Miaoli: National united University

► New Taipei:  Fu Jen Catholic University

► Taipei: MLC Mandarine Learning Center 

► Taipei: National Taiwan University 

► Taipei: National Taiwan University

► Taipei:  National Taiwan Normal University

► Taipei: National Chengchi University

► Taipei: Tamkang University

► Taipei: Ming Chuang University

► Taipei & Taoyuan: Kainan University 

► Taipei ( Beitou ):  Taipei City Iniversity of Science and Technology

► Taipei:  China university of Cience and Technology

► Taoyuan : Lunghwa University of Science and Technology

► Taipei: Soochow University

► Taipei: National Taipei University of Technology

► Taipei: Shih Hsin university

► Taipei: National Taiwan College of Performing Arts

► Taoyuan: National Taiwan Sport University

► Taoyuan: Vanung University

► Taoyuan: Nanya Institute of Technology

► Taoyuan:  National Central University 



► Changhua: Chienko Technology University

► Changhua: Mingdao University 

► Changhua: National Changhua University of Education 

► Chayi: National Chiayi University 

► Douliou: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

► Taichung: Ling Tung University 

► Taichung : Tunghai University   

► Taichung: Feng Chia University 

► Taichung: Providence University  

► Taichung: National Taichung University of Education

► Taichung: National Chung Hsing University 

► Taichung: Chaoyant University of Technology

► Taichung: National Chin-Yi University of Technology

► Taichung: Asia University 



► Kaohsiung: Nationla Kaohsiung Normal University 

► Tainan: National Cheng Kung University 

► Kaohsiung: National Sun Yat-Sen University 

► Kaohsiung: National University of Kaohsiung

► Pingtung: National Pingtung University 

► Tainan: Southern Taiwan University of Technology

► Kaohsiung: Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages 

► Pingtung: National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

► Kaohsiung: Kao Yuan University 

► Tainan: Kun Shang University

► Tainan: Taiwan Shoufu University 

► Tainan: Nan Jeon University of Science and Technology 

► Chayi: Nan Huan University

► Kaohsiung: Shu-Te University

► Tainan: Chang Jun Christian University



► Hualien: National Dong Hwa University

► Hualien: Tzu Chi University

► Yilan: Fo Guang University

► Taitung: National Taitung University

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