Taichung Baking Class

Taichung Baking Class


說明 Introduction

If you are wondering how the Taiwanese cakes taste like this is the perfect tour for you!
Learn how to make one by yourself, and then take it with you!


Among all the cakes you can have in Taiwan, the Pineapple cake is probably the most famous one.
Some of the recipes you can chose are: 
- Green tea and Chocolate cake
- Cheese Qi Feng Cake
- Green tea -Red beans Qi Feng Cake
- Pomelo Qi Feng Cake
- Salty meat cake
- Pineapple cake 

... and more!


  • Meeting in Jingming 1st road at the Chin Shui Tang Restaurant ( Time TBD with the customers) ; walk with English-speaking assistant : visit the oldest tea house were the famous Taiwanese bubble tea has been first invented - "Chin Shui Tang"-  follow by a little walk at the traditional market to discover the local ingredients and the "different" city temple of Ci Hui. The tour continues with a short walk in the area around, with its art galleries and local farmer shop. (in total will this take 1.5 hour).
  • After, 2 hours cooking class in a cake laboratory. 

注意事項 Notes

Price includes: 

  • 1,5 hour walk with English-speaking assistant : visit the oldest tea house Chin Shui Tang;
  • 2 hours cake making with English-speaking assistant in a very modern cake laboratory;
  • Coffee or tea during the lesson;
  • All the ingredients

    ​... and of course your final product: the cake!

For reservation and information, please contact:

Taipei City Phone + 886 2 27232188
Taichung City Phone +886 4 37001268  ext 203 for English

​✉ Email: 

General : taiwan.tour@northwest.com.tw
Taichung office : anna@northwest.com.tw